Types of Phone Screen Damages

What Are Types of Phone Screen Damages?

Hey there, fellow smartphone aficionado! We’ve all been there – that heart-stopping moment when our beloved phone slips from our grasp and hits the ground with a heartbreaking thud. The result? A damaged screen. But it’s not just gravity that poses a threat; there’s a multitude of screen woes waiting to pounce on our cherished devices. 

 In this digital realm, there are different types of Phone damages. Phone screens are susceptible to various damages. Cracked screens from drops are common, affecting both aesthetics and functionality. Water damage can lead to discolouration and touchscreen issues. Screen burn-in occurs when static images create ghostly remnants. Dead pixels are tiny black spots that mar the display. Additionally, scratches accumulate over time, impairing visibility.

In this comprehensive guide by Phone Repair Shop, we’ll take a deep dive into types of phone screen damage, understand what we’re up against, and how we can shield our screens from these pesky adversaries.

Unlocking the Types of Phone Screen Damages

The Cracked Screen Conundrum

Ah, the dreaded cracked screen! It’s probably the most universal smartphone woe. It happens to the best of us, right? Just one slip, one moment of distraction, and bam! Your screen resembles a cracked windshield. Moreover, these cracks can multiply over time, making your touchscreen go haywire.

  • What to Do: Prevention is your first line of defence. Invest in a robust phone case with raised edges, combined with a good quality screen protector. They’re like the guardian angels of your screen. And if the worst does occur, consider professional repair services.

The Watery Abyss: Dealing with Water Damage

Water, our indispensable friend and foe, is a formidable adversary for your phone screen. Whether it’s an accidental dip in the sink or a sudden downpour, water can wreak havoc, causing your screen to discolour, lose sensitivity, or even give up the ghost entirely.

  • What to Do: Speed is your ally here. Power off your phone immediately, dry it thoroughly and resist the urge to turn it on right away. If things still aren’t right, professional intervention might be the way to go.

Burn-In Blues: When Static Strikes

Screen burn-in is the silent predator. Leave your screen displaying the same image or icons for too long, and you might end up with ghostly remnants that haunt your screen forevermore. Moreover, this can seriously mess with your viewing pleasure.

  • What to Do: Keep things dynamic on your screen – adjust your screen timeout settings, lower the brightness, and use screen savers. Some apps are specifically designed to shuffle pixels around, preventing burn-in.

Pixelated Predicaments: The Trouble with Dead Pixels

Dead pixels are like those unwanted house guests that just won’t leave. They’re tiny, pesky black spots that suddenly appear on your screen, destroying your smartphone experience.

  • What to Do: Removing these nuisances isn’t easy. Contact the manufacturer or a professional technician for repair services. Sometimes, a replacement screen is the only way out.

Scratch Scourge: Surface Marks

Lastly, we have scratches. These sneaky little surface marks can appear out of nowhere and wreak havoc on your screen’s appearance. They often come from contact with keys, coins, or whatever else might be hiding in your pocket or bag.

  • What to Do: Shield your screen with a reliable screen protector, and be mindful of what you throw into your pockets. For minor scratches, some gentle rubbing with a specialized abrasive paste can work wonders. But for deeper ones, professional help is the way to go.


Our phone screens, our windows to the digital world, are warriors in their own right. But they’re not indestructible. To keep your screen unscathed, invest in a robust case and a screen protector. Moreover, be vigilant and handle your phone with care. Prevention is your best ally, but when the inevitable does occur, remember that timely professional help from MRT World can be a screensaver.

So, here’s to our trusty screens, those silent heroes that endure daily battles, ensuring we stay connected and entertained. Take care of them, and they’ll continue to serve you well on this digital adventure!