How To Fix iPhone 15 Battery Draining Issue?

You’ve got your hands on the shiny new iPhone 15, and it’s nothing short of a marvel. But what happens when your phone’s battery decides to play hide and seek? Don’t sweat it; you’re not alone in the battery battle. Many iPhone users experience the dreaded battery drain. If you are wondering how to fix the iPhone 15 Battery draining issue, you have come to the right place. If you still encounter battery issues, consider reaching out to our expert team for top-notch iPhone repair services.

To tackle the iPhone 15 battery drain, the experts at MRT World recommend beginning with background app management, reducing screen brightness, and limiting location tracking. Consider adjusting your email settings for less frequent fetching. Use the Battery Health feature to check your battery’s condition and embrace Low Power Mode when the juice is low. Stay updated with iOS software to benefit from battery optimizations. If issues persist, consult experts at MRT World to resolve the battery-draining dilemma. 

Keep reading the article to learn about all the steps in detail. 

Unmasking the Battery-Draining Villains

Before we move onto how to fix iPhone 15 Battery draining issue, let’s first uncover the reasons behind it. 

Background Apps 

Those sneaky apps running behind your back are the prime culprits. Go to your settings, check which apps are sipping your battery’s juice, and give them a timeout.

Blazing Brightness 

That glorious display can be a power-hungry diva. Adjust the brightness settings to a reasonable level and let Auto-Brightness work its magic.

Lost in Location

Location-tracking apps can turn into battery vampires. Tweak your location settings to let apps know they can’t stalk you all the time.

Email Pushover 

Your email is probably overworked. Push emails from multiple accounts can be heavy on your battery. Schedule email fetches less frequently and gives your phone some breathing space.

Fuel-Efficient iPhone 15 Tricks

Here are some tricks to help you figure out how to fix the iPhone 15 Battery draining issue.

Battery Health Check

It’s time to play doctor with your battery. The Battery Health feature in settings reveals how spry your battery is. If it’s showing its age, you might consider a battery replacement.

Screen Vacation

The screen-on time is your battery’s gym, and it’s exhausting! Limit your screen-on hours when not needed.

Widgets Beware

Those widgets and fancy animations are fun, but they are energy monsters. Disable widgets you can live without and put animations on a diet in your settings.

Low Power Mode Savior 

Your iPhone has a superhero mode called Low Power Mode. Use it when your battery is low to conserve power.

Going Pro with Battery Management

iOS Updates

Apple frequently rolls out updates that include battery life enhancements. Make sure your iPhone is on the latest iOS version.

Settings Reset

If you’re still in a power struggle, you can hit the reset button (well, the “Reset All Settings” button) without losing your data. Sometimes, it’s the best way to break free from underlying issues.

Hunting Rogue Apps

Some apps are like naughty kids. They misbehave and eat up your battery. Keep an eye on your battery usage in settings and consider giving misbehaving apps a time-out or sending them to the uninstall corner.

Sip, Don’t Gulp

Wi-Fi vs. Cellular Data: Wi-Fi is your battery’s best friend. When you’re in a Wi-Fi zone, switch from cellular data to Wi-Fi to save power.

App Refresh

Background App Refresh is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for apps. It’s great but also a drain on your battery. You can limit which apps are allowed to refresh in the background in your settings.

App Updates

Learning how to fix the iPhone 15 Battery draining issue is incomplete without app updates. Keeping your apps updated is a good practice, but automatic app updates can put a dent in your battery life. Disable automatic updates and do it manually when it’s convenient for you.

Airplane Mode

If you’re in an area with weak cell coverage or don’t need network connectivity, put your phone in Airplane Mode. This saves a significant amount of power.

Battery Conservation Tips

Storage Temperature 

Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, are not ideal for your battery. Avoid leaving your iPhone in a scorching car or out in the freezing cold.

Reduce Motion 

The parallax effect that moves your wallpaper and app icons slightly can be a battery drainer. Reduce this motion effect in your settings.

Push Notifications 

This one’s important if you want to learn how to fix the iPhone 15 Battery draining issue because constant notifications are energy vampires. Review your notification settings and reduce the number of apps allowed to send you push notifications.

Vibrate Less 

While vibrations are handy, the vibrating motor can consume more battery power than ringtones. Turn off vibration for notifications you can do without.


A power-hungry iPhone 15 can be a party pooper, but with the right moves, you can keep the battery dance going. We hope with the tips mentioned above you are able to learn how to fix iPhone 15 Battery draining issue.

If your battery still plays hard to get, don’t hesitate to reach out to the pros at MRT World, the best phone repair shop, to ensure your iPhone 15 is in tip-top shape. Don’t let a moody battery hold you back; keep your iPhone 15 running like a champ so you can enjoy all the magic it brings.