_How to Connect a Slim Folio Keyboard to an iPad

How to Connect a Slim Folio Keyboard to an iPad

Have you failed to connect your slim folio keyboard to the iPad? If yes, don’t worry, In this guide, we will show you how/to connect a slim folio keyboard to an iPad,

Here are the tips by MRT World: firstly, if you are sure about the compatibility of the iPad, turn on the power folio keyboard, enable the Bluetooth option on the iPad, and then keep the slim folio in pairing mode. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Connect the Slim Folio Keyboard to iPad

Ensure compatibility

Before trying to connect the Slim Folio keyboard to the iPad, it’s important to make sure that your iPad model is compatible with the keyboard connection. The slim folio keyboard may vary according to different iPad models.

Power on keyboard

The slim folio keyboard has a power-switching option. Activate its power mode. Some keyboards’ power mode relies on batteries, so make sure it shouldn’t be empty.

Enable Bluetooth on iPad

Now go to the iPad settings app and search for the Bluetooth option, turn it on, and let the iPad access the nearby devices.

Pair the slim folio Keyboard 

Once your Bluetooth process is done, your iPad is in search of nearby devices. Check the list of nearby devices and look for your slim folio keyboard. Now, you select your slim folio keyboard on the list for pairing. Might your iPad require a code to confirm the connection pairing?  You have on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process. Follow them.

Confirm Connection

After pairing the device, you see the successful status of your Bluetooth connection with a slim folio keyboard.

Use keyboard

Now, use the slim folio keyboard with the iPad. To ensure a successful connection, you can check it by opening any typing required app and typing by pressing the slim folio keyboard. It will appear on your iPad screen.

However, if you still face issues connecting it, feel free to visit a reliable phone repair shop in Brentwood. 

How to Troubleshoot  Common After-Connectivity Issues?

You may connect your slim folio keyboard to the iPad, but after connecting, you might face some issues. You can troubleshoot those by following the below steps;

Check the basic connection

Check the slim folio keyboard is charged, or attach it with a working battery. Check out whether the iPad Bluetooth is turned on or not.

Forget the connection and then reconnect

Go to the settings, find Bluetooth connection, forget the slim folio keyboard connection, and reconnect in the same manner.

Restart the iPad

After reconnection of the keyboard, if your issues were still not resolved, then restart the iPad and connect.

Updates software

Ensure that your iPad runs with the latest software to be compatible with the slim folio keyboard.

Check for hindrances

Check the distance of your iPad with the keyboard. It should be at most 5 meters. Remove all the other nearby device connections.

Check for any physical damage

Check the keyboard properly. Are there any faulty cables, keys, or loose connections? If the damage is extensive, then save time to get it fixed from a phone repair shop in Brentwood.

Pairing with another device

If the above tips don’t work, then try pairing the keyboard with another device to find out whether the issue is in the keyboard or the iPad.

Seek Help From a Professional Phone Repair Shop in Brentwood

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It is one of the simplest procedures to connect your slim folio keyboard to an iPad. You can easily connect it on your own by following the above connecting steps. Overall, the connection improved the iPad operation and was used in a wider range. If you have any issues after connecting, you can also troubleshoot those issues in a short duration. You can also get help from a reliable phone repair shop in Brentwood if the issue is extensive


Q1 Is the continuous connection of the slim folio keyboard at risk of being damaged?

For a long-term connection, your slim folio keyboard might be in danger as it warms up and can be damaged internally. This could be the same for the iPad, too.

Q2 How can I rest my slim folio keyboard?

The slim folio keyboard has a power mode. You can simply turn it off.

Q3 How could I find that my slim folio keyboard is needed to charge?

If your status light turns red, indicates that your keyboard battery is draining, then plug in.