water damaged iPhone turn on but screen is black

Water-Damaged iPhone that Turns On but Has a Black Screen

Did your iPhone drop in the water, and now it is showing a black screen? Don’t panic at all. Try drying your phone to get rid of water, turning off your iPhone to avoid any more damage, and resetting it to deal with the unresponsiveness. If your iPhone is still showing a black screen, then contact a reputable phone repair service in Brentwood, like MRT World.

Water damage is one of the deadliest types of screen damage. If you don’t know what to do with a water-damaged iPhone that turns on but has a black screen, then follow this guide to restore your iPhone’s screen and save it from initial or future water damage.

Tips to Deal with a Water-Damaged iPhone that Turns On but Has a Black Screen

If you dropped your iPhone in the water and now you are struggling to make it work like it used to, then these are the signs that your mobile needs maintenance. Follow our guide to solve this issue. If you want to avoid this problem altogether, then follow the prevention measures that we’ve listed for you.

Prevention Measures For iPhone Water Damage

It is natural for you to worry about your device facing water damage because there can be chances in the future that you might trip and your device ends up in the pool. Try out these steps to stop this problem from attacking your device.

Waterproof Cases

The first thing to prevent your iPhone from experiencing a black screen is investing in a high-quality, waterproof phone case that will protect your device from sudden contact with water.

Dry Environment

Secondly, you should avoid keeping your iPhone in moist areas and should always keep it in a dry environment.

Water-Resistant Bag

When you are travelling to wet areas like beaches or pools, then purchase a water-resistant bag for your device to keep it safe.


Regular maintenance can secure the seals of your iPhone and keep their good condition in check.

What To Do With A Water-damaged iPhone?

If, by accident, your cell phone comes in negative contact with water, then carry out these steps to make sure it works in the future.

Turn Off

Immediately power off your iPhone to avoid any additional damage.

Dry Your Device

Next, try drying your iPhone using a cloth to absorb the water or use silica gel to reduce the moisture.

Compressed Air

Then, use the air compressor on your iPhone to blow away all the water from its curves.

Reach Out To The Professionals

If the problem stays the same, then quickly consult a professional at a good phone repair service in Brentwood.

How Can You Solve The Black Screen Issue?

If your water-damaged iPhone shows a black screen, then follow these tips.


Once you take your phone out of the water, check for any physical and visible damages.


Next, perform a hard reset of your iPhone. It will deal with the device’s unresponsiveness. You can carry out this act by pressing specific keys because different iPhone models have different hard reset steps.

Replace The Screen

If the first two steps don’t bring any change and your smartphone’s screen stays black, then get your iPhone screen replaced.

Take help from a reliable phone repair service in Brentwood, but before that, make sure you back up your data to avoid any data loss risk during the repair process.

Steps To Help You Avoid Future Water Damage

To avoid such a situation from occurring in the future, make sure you do this.

  1. Use a good waterproof case to prevent water from touching your iPhone.
  2. Keep in view the condition of your phone on a daily basis to check for any signs of water damage.
  3. Stay alert when you take your iPhone in wet areas, and don’t take your device near the water body.

Restoring Your iPhone Screen 

Are you dealing with a black iPhone screen due to water damage? Check out MRTWorld, We’re here to provide you with top-notch repair services and make it easy for you. Reach out to us today, and together, we’ll bring your iPhone back to life. Don’t let a dark screen keep you down and stop you from working hard.


A water-damaged iPhone with a black screen can slow down your work, but with the right steps, you can bring it back to life. Prevention is key, but when accidents happen, don’t hesitate to seek the help of professionals from a phone repair service. Just remember, staying attentive and taking quick action can make all the difference in saving your iPhone from permanent damage.

Most Important FAQs

Q: How can I prevent water damage to my iPhone?

A: To prevent water damage to my iPhone, make sure you keep it away from the water, use a good waterproof case, and check for any damage signs regularly.

Q: What do I do if my iPhone screen is black after getting wet?

 A: Quickly turn your iPhone off, try drying methods, or get the screen replaced by a good phone repair service.

Q: Can I get my data back from a water-damaged iPhone?

A: Yes, you can if you back up your data regularly into your iCloud.